10 de marzo de 2014

UNIV Case Competition

On Tuesday during Easter, the UNIV Case Competition will be taking place in Rome. This year, we will be looking into the topic of family impact by discussing a real case study on an internet Giant. Within the case discussion, we will also come up with techniques and methods which will help participants to make their ideas and initiatives at home more effective.

In the attachment you will find additional information on the UNIV Case Competition. If you have any questions or need any additional information, just let me know.

Hope to see you soon in Rome,

What is the UNIV Case Competition?
The UNIV Case Competition is an activity intended to provide a practical business-oriented approach to the UNIV Forum. At the beginning of the competition all teams receive the same business case from an internationally renowned Business School. Working in teams, participants read, analyze and discuss the case, in order to come up with a solid recommendation which will have to combine profitability, competitiveness, marketing, strategy and ethics. Every team then presents their solution in front of a jury. With the Univ Case Competition participants will learn how to think globally, act strategically and add managerial insight to any decision they make.